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EltaMD Moisturizer Tube

$ 12.50
EltaMD Moisturizer melts on contact and retains 90% of skin’s moisture for at least 12 hours. It applies easily and gently to avoid disturbing tender, irritated skin. This intense occlusive moisturizer absorbs deeply to moisturize and soothe inflamed, irritated, flaky, intact post-procedure skin. This waterless, sensitivity-free moisturizer is well tolerated on extremely sensitive skin resulting from cosmetic and medical treatments.


EltaMD Moisturizer also works well on minor to severe burns, including sunburn.
- Moisturizes very sensitive, dry skin
- Relieves irritation, redness and flaking by creating an occlusive barrier
- Free of fragrance, parabens and preservatives


Apply EltaMD Moisturizer daily to dampened skin. Because EltaMD Moisturizer is very concentrated, gently apply only a pearl-size amount with your fingertips. After two minutes, pat-off any excess. EltaMD Moisturizer melts on contact, absorbs deeply and retains moisture for up to 12 hours.


Petrolatum, Paraffin.
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