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Crème Défatigante - SKINNEY

Crème Défatigante

$ 66.00

Crème Défatigante is ideal to relieve tired and heavy-feeling legs. Its comfortable velvety formula is enriched with essential oils and melts on the skin to give an instant sensation of freshness.

Treatment to relieve heavy, tired legs.

This revitalizing treatment makes legs feel lighter and more energized, relieving tiredness and putting a spring in your step.

Recommended for tired legs.


100 ml

1. Apply morning and/or night, massaging gently in an upwards direction

Tip: Use together with Huile Jambes Lourdes for a more intense effect of lightness and relief in the legs


Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membrane. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Not for use on pregnant or breastfeeding women, nor children. For external use only.