Founding Story

SKINNEY Skincare was born out of a passion for transformative skincare, a commitment to innovation, and a desire to empower individuals to take control of their skin health. Inspired by the pharmaceutical industry's dedication to precision and efficacy, our founder, Marisa Martino, set out to create a skincare line that blurred the lines between at-home solutions and prescription-strength efficacy

Marisa, with a background deeply rooted in the world of medical aesthetics, recognized the potential to revolutionize skincare by formulating products with pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients. The goal was clear: to develop a line that not only corrected existing skin concerns but also prevented future issues, fostering a proactive rather than reactive approach to skincare.

"SKINNEY Skincare is the culmination of my passion for skincare and my background in aesthetics. I wanted to bring the precision, efficacy, and transformative power of prescription-strength active ingredients to people's daily skincare routines, empowering them to achieve lasting results at home," says Marisa Martino, Founder of SKINNEY Skincare.

The Philosophy of Active Transformation

SKINNEY Skincare embraces a philosophy of active transformation. Our products are meticulously formulated to promote cellular turnover, exfoliate, and hydrate, addressing a range of skin concerns from aging & acne to dark spots and redness. We believe in providing targeted solutions that bridge the gap between professional Medspa treatments, offering a continuous skincare journey that transforms skin from within.

"Drawing on proven, clinically-inspired results.” SKINNEY Skincare brings you active ingredients that your skin instantly recognizes. Our formulations amplify your skin's natural powers of regeneration, balance, and repair. It's not just about correcting; it's about ongoing transformation with every use," emphasizes Marisa Martino.

Commitment to Excellence

SKINNEY Skincare is committed to excellence in every facet of its creation. The formulations undergo rigorous testing to ensure pharmaceutical-grade quality, and the dedication to craftsmanship echoes in every product.

Our dedication to excellence goes beyond the formulation stage. We firmly believe in the power of fewer products capable of delivering multi-beneficial performance. By crafting skincare solutions that address a myriad of concerns, we distinguish ourselves in the market, minimizing the need for numerous products.

Safety and Efficacy at the Core

At the core of SKINNEY Skincare is an unwavering commitment to providing safe and effective solutions. Rigorous testing and the integration of pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients ensure our products stand out in terms of both safety and efficacy. Our focus remains on delivering results that surpass conventional skincare offerings.

"We prioritize the safety and effectiveness of our skincare. SKINNEY Skincare is distinctive in its approach, offering a level of care and transformative power that sets it apart from other products on the market," explains Martino.

As SKINNEY Skincare continues to redefine the standards of transformative skincare, Marisa Martino remains resolute in her commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, performance, and efficacy to every individual embarking on their skincare journey.