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BR Newsletter Summer 2021


As we dive into Summer, we are pleased to introduce you to our latest launches and reformulations, starting with the new Serum Iso-Placenta.



In an ongoing quest for innovation and efficiency, we are pleased to introduce the evolution of the iconic Serum Placenta: Serum ISO-Placenta.

As a genuine skin renovating serum, Iso-Placenta exclusively focuses on repairing acne damage. At the core of its formula, the Biomimetic placenta contains the same essential elements as the human placenta to simulate its function and benefits for the skin cells. It uses biomimicry to support their growth, differentiation, and migration to help restore the skin. The Carob Seed extract and the Scotch thistle extract boost this regenerating action with complementary mechanisms stimulating the cellular differentiation process. 

Restored, the skin retrieves its original appearance. Acne scars are treated: the skin’s microrelief is smoothed, marks and redness are reduced. The skin quality is improved: it is smoother, more even, and soothed. 

While the old placenta serum was safe to use around the eyes, we do not recommend using the new version on that area. Lastly, please note that you can still order the 0.3 fl oz version of the old placenta serum until stock is depleted. Should you want to place an order, please contact your Account Executive. 

Available in July 2021
Prices available soon


We are pleased to announce the launch of Crème Matricielle, which replaces Crème Réparatrice.

As European regulations have banned the use of French term “réparateur/réparatrice”, we had to rename our cream and chose Crème Matricielle. We also took this opportunity to improve its formula by enhancing its restructuring, firming and moisturizing action platforms.

The formula now combines two lipopeptides which promote the synthesis of the main constituents of the dermis to enhance skin density and tone. Marine Coral Plant extract combined with Shea Butter help restructure and strengthen the skin barrier to revive collagen production mechanisms. Last but not least, moisturizing plant sugars combined with reconstituted NMF continuously capture and diffuse water to keep the skin moisturized.

Available in July/August 2021


The eye contour is a very fragile area, where the epidermis is 5 to 7 times thinner than the rest of the face. We blink more than 10,000 times a day, involving up to 22 different muscles.

In the absence of hypodermis, the skin is more sensitive, which encourages the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Usually associated with fatigue or aging, their appearance may be due to sagging eyelids, fluid build-up, or fat accumulation in the tissues.

Liposmose is designed to treat eye contour puffiness. Specifically formulated for congested eyes, it provides a long-lasting solution by targeting aqueous and fatty eye bags and those due to cutaneous aging. Its formula contains active ingredients with a triple osmoregulatory, lipolytic and firming effect, to help correct and protect the skin from external aggressions. 

Fluid and ultra-penetrating, its texture is ideal for the fragile area of the eye contour and the eyelids. Eye congestion and puffiness is reduced. 

Available in August 2021
Prices available soon


In the context of reformulating our brown-based creams, we have been working on repositioning our face cream category to enable an easier and more accurate reading. As a result, we have decided to entirely redesign two of our historical firming creams, Crème ADN Elastine Marine Collagène Marin and Crème Métamorphique, to create a single multi-benefit cream called Crème ADN Métamorphique.

As such, the formula has been entirely reworked to combat the facial ptosis phenomenon caused by aging. This innovative cream was specially designed to respond to the needs of sagging Skin Instants© that lack structure and volume.

Available in July 2021


We are pleased to announce the launch of Crème Collagène, formally known as Crème au Collagène Marin.  As for the other brown-based creams, the new base boosts skin hydration and offers better bioavailability of active ingredients.  A new re-densifying platform was also added to stimulate collagen synthesis. Made by sequencing collagen, it helps restructure and re-densify the dermis while improving the skin’s elasticity, tone, and hydration.  Available in August/September 2021 Prices remain the same


In order to fit all Skin Instants©, including the most sensitive ones, l'Eauxygenante has been reformulated. The oxygenating platform has been refocused around the emblematic Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Complex. This updated formula is as efficient, less irritating, and entirely in line with your customers expectations.